Marty Cain
Dragonfly Rest
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Black Mountain
NC 28711
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I think of geomancy as the practice of consulting Earth Wisdom in order to live harmoniously with all life. Or more simply said, the art of harmonious placement. Were we to look carefully at the way Nature operates we would discover that intelligence resides in all things and the willingness to live in harmony predominates. This, I believe, is why Geomancy works. The ancients practiced geomancy to place their sacred sites used for healing, weather control, ceremonies and more. We do not know exactly how their creators used these sites but, the Earth’s pulse is strong in these special places and we find that they are still helpful for us today.


                  Chun Quoit, Cornwall, England                                  Castlerig, Midlands, England

My primary tool in geomancy is dowsing, which I use in all my artwork, consulting, labyrinth building, gardening, and sacred site work. In fact I use dowsing whenever I need the advice of the Earth, the spirit of place, non-human residents of a site, and even to check on the accuracy of human advice. Many times I am rewarded with the smell of roses or a streak of pink light that shows up on photographs taken of my work.


                     Along the Copper River in Alaska, USA       Heart of the Dragon Labyrinth, Missouri, USA

Geomancy also consists of correcting the mistakes we have made in placing our homes on detrimental energy or for transforming the vibrations from microwave towers, electrical appliances, and cell phones. In my Geomancy workshops I teach the skills needed for clearing spaces, transforming detrimental vibrations, communicating with the unseen world of elementals angels, and spirits, and the basic principles needed to create your own sacred spaces. We may even locate the perfect place for you to live.