Marty Cain
Dragonfly Rest
PO Box 1047
Black Mountain
NC 28711
Cell: 828.545.0023

Workshops and Events

Building a labyrinth with Marty is a spiritual experience for it is done with great reverence. Marty holds everything to be alive and intelligent and deserving of deep respect.

First the Earth is asked through dowsing if there is an appropriate place for a labyrinth on this land. If the answer is yes than we begin.

Everyone is taught how to dowse as a tool for communicating with all living beings seen and unseen. Were our intuitions more trusted and the most subtle and refined signals understood dowsing rods would not be necessary. You are the one dowsing not the rods or pendulum. The rods are simply giving you a binary (yes/no) readout from the all that is. Think of them, if you will, as training wheels, not for grasping balance on a bike, but for intimately knowing Oneness.

We then take our new skill out onto the land. We invite in the Spirit of Place, our own Guides, ancient spirits who may be guarding the land, the elementals living here and the highest beings we know. We ask the Earth and all the invited ones to support the creation of this labyrinth and the continued assistance in protecting and maintaining its sacredness. We each make a simple commitment to the sacredness of the labyrinth we are about to build. It must be one that we can easily keep, such as doing out best today or coming daily, weekly or monthly to help maintain and walk the labyrinth or putting it in our prayers.

During the dowsing of its position, its center, its entrance and rings the participants perfect their dowsing as the work together to mark the form into place with surveyors flags and tape. Marty is continually supporting their accuracy, honing their dowsing skills and building trust so each individual is able to create labyrinths of their own.

Once marked we create a blessing walk which varies with whom ever is there to contribute. The only necessary ingredient is love in our hearts, which is felt and understood by all forms of life. This blessing clears the land and is the final preparation for the opening of the labyrinth.

If rocks are used to permanently mark the form each one is dowsed and asked if they want to be in the labyrinth and exactly where they want to be. By now our dowsing is trusted and the delight in finding that even rocks have a point of view and a will of their own makes this process a joyous time filled with childlike wonder. As each rock is placed the labyrinth seems to grow and glow with joy.

By the end of the day many new friends are made and a bigger family is formed that just may include gnomes and rocks.