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Steps to building a labyrinth

  1. Ask Mother Earth, the Spirit of the Place, Elementals and Native Spirits who may be on the land for permission to build a permanent labyrinth. (If setting out a temporary one also ask permission. Do not convert a temporary labyrinth to a permanent one with out permission!)
  2. Commit to caring for your labyrinth both physically and spiritually by walking it often and clearing it regularly.
  3. If, and only if, permission is granted, dowse for the location of the center of the labyrinth. Surveyor�s flags are inexpensive and easy to use.
  4. Dowse from the center outward to find the size of the center goal (C).
  5. Dowse location of the entrance to the goal and its width.
  6. From the center dowse to find the entrance of the labyrinth. (E) I always ask for the most appropriate entrance for anyone who shall come to walk the labyrinth.
  7. Dowse its width. Know that the distance out from the center may change as you dowse the rings from the center outward.
  8. Determine if the first turning on line 3 is to the left of right.
  9. For a left turning labyrinth, create the spine by making a straight line from the Right side of the entrance of the labyrinth to the Left side of the entrance of the goal, see above. (Reverse this for a right turning labyrinth.)
  10. Create parallel lines on either side of the spine making them the width of the entrance.
  11. Return to the center and mark the rings from the center outward completing each ring before going on the next.
  12. Allow the paths to vary in width according to your dowsing of the Earth�s energy rings. This allows each path to contain only its own specific energy.
  13. When dowsing the edges of paths 4 allow them to stop at the spine. See above.
  14. String the lines with surveyors tape by starting at the 6/7 turn for the male line and at the 5/6 turn for the female line. You will note when you come to line 4 (the heart center) the male and female line are one over the spine. The male line then continues in the same direction on the outer edge of line 4.
  15. Walk the labyrinth with your own form of blessing to clear the land and invoke a new sacred path before it is open for the public to walk.
  16. Rejoice, Share, and Keep your commitment to the sacred space of the labyrinth.

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